Praise for a job well done

Published on February 17, 2017

We would like to commend the Town of Truro, specifically the Department of Parks, Recreation and Culture, on the excellent job they have done, grooming the Victoria Park trails.

We visited the upper park on the weekend and noted many trails groomed for walkers, hikers, skate skiers, bikers and snow-shoers. We were happy to see that some of the trails were also tracked, for use by classic skiers. 

Those of us who enjoy classic skiing appreciate the effort made to create the dual tracks for our use. It was a delight to see walkers and snow shoers were kind enough to walk on the packed trails, and understand walking on the dual tracks ruins the experience of gliding along smoothly, for classic skiers.

It is so nice to see so many trails groomed for multi-sport use. Truro Parks, Recreation and Culture Department has not only helped to encourage our residents and visitors to use our beautiful park during the winter months, but in maintaining the new downtown skating rink, has helped many to enjoy skating outdoors this winter in downtown Truro.

Kudos to you! 


D. and J. Cameron