Granville Drive does not need any more homes

Published on July 18, 2014

I attended a public information session on June 25 at the county court house, Church Street, Truro.

I intended to present those in attendance the report ‘Why was Granville Drive established?’ but found circumstances did not permit that delivery as they did when it was originally written and presented in Sept. 2012 and Nov. 2013, for whatever reason.

Therefore, I sent an original copy to Colchester County councillor Ron Cavanaugh who represents my district.

In the last paragraph of the report, which I wrote, I answer the question “Do I approve of a new sewer line?” The answer is yes, as it is the only realistic option available to cure county mistakes provided steps are taken to ensure no more houses are built on the drive.

Cavanaugh was very emphatic there would be no more houses built on Granville Drive.

He was very conscious the drive was founded by veterans as a refuge, a retreat requiring a one-acre lot land. This is a prime character of the drive. Mayor Bob Taylor also stated there would be no more building on the drive. However, he ended our conversation stating, “You wouldn’t mind a little house would you?” There are some people even today saying they are going to subdivide their lot for what purpose; I don’t know if they can't build on them.

I’m very hopeful future meetings will be a little clearer and in writing. Respecting the hard work of those burnt-out veterans and many of the local Truro people who, without their help, we would not have been able to succeed.

I am very happy to report I have asked Ken MacLean, a former chief of the Truro Police Service, who we have drafted to come here for a reason, to be your new chairman for Granville Drive. I was very touched by the eulogy given by Maclean at the recent funeral of the late police chief Lonnie Murray.

Truro was fortunate to have had two chiefs like Murray and MacLean.


Eric MacMillan

Granville Drive