Fire stoked to save school in River John

To the editor,

Published on June 26, 2014

(Re: ‘It's time to be daring,’ Truro Daily News, June 13, Op-Ed by Susan MacQuarrie.) 

Thank you Susan MacQuarrie for standing up and speaking out against the Chignecto-Central Regional School Board's (CCRSB) decision to delay voting on the request by Education Minister Karen Casey. This would have granted a one-year extension for River John, Wentworth and Maitland Schools to develop a plan that might help us stay open. We have been discouraged at every step by certain members of the board and are still waiting for the Department of Education's parameters. 

   This decision by the CCRSB came as a surprise to many but it has also stoked the fire because we haven't, and we won't, give up. We will continue to fight for our school because this is what our children deserve. They deserve a school in their own community where they are more than just a face in the crowd. At River John Consolidated School my children have this and they, and every other student there, is known and loved not just for who they are but for who they will become. As MacQuarrie states “Yes, it is time to be daring and creative.” I wish there were more elected officials like MacQuarrie; ones who show my community and the communities of Maitland and Wentworth that they care. 

    So again, thank you MacQuarrie and others like you who do stand up for communities be they big or small.


Shar MacLean

River John