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Nova Scotia Power installing fast charging stations for electric vehicles


Nova Scotia Power announced it will install 12 electric vehicle fast charging stations across the province by the spring of 2018.

“Electric vehicles are the future, and we want to help make Nova Scotia ready for that future,” said Karen Hutt, president and CEO of Nova Scotia Power. “These charging stations will make it easier for Nova Scotians to own and drive an electric vehicle.  And this project will help us understand how to make Nova Scotia more EV-friendly for customers, while managing any impact to the electrical grid.”
The charge time needed on these chargers is 15 to 30 minutes, compared to many public chargers that take 3-8 hours, and a regular home outlet requiring 12 hours or more. 

David Swan, a Tatamagouche resident who owns an electric car and is a past board member of Electric Mobility Canada, said lack of infrastructure has been a significant barrier when people considered buying electric vehicles.
In a 2016 Nova Scotia Power survey, 65 per cent of people said they would consider buying an electric vehicle if more charging stations were available.   
Nova Scotia Power is issuing public Request for Proposals (RFP) seeking a location partner and installation contractor to create the new network. Details on the RFP process and submissions can be found at Deadline for submissions is Aug16.  
More information on the fast charging network and benefits of owning an electric vehicle can be found at

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