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We asked Nova Scotian teenagers: would you run for office?

As part of Saltwire Network's coverage of Nova Scotia's provincial election,  reporters asked some young residents two questions:  Is running for office a noble pursuit? And, would you consider running?

“Somewhat, because you have to be involved in a lot of drama but you also get paid good.”
Ty'ra Ashe

 “It depends. It takes a knowledgeable person to get into politics. You have to be a great problem-solver and know that you can't always please everyone, but they must try to make the most of what they can.

I'm taking political science at Saint Mary's University in the fall and eventually plan to pursue a career in politics.”
Riley Godfrey

 “I don't believe that politics and nobility go hand in hand. Personality and morals are important, but not as important as their policy. Of course, being noble and having all these traits can help in the campaigning process. But in the end, we are not voting for the person, but instead voting for the ideas and policy that they support.

I hope to major in political sciences after I graduate. Right now, the world is going through massive social and political changes in favour of the left and I would like to change that.”
Parker Babineau

 “I do think it is a noble pursuit to run for office, I think it shows a drive in the person, showing that they want to talk action and help our town and community. That they want to take matters into their own hands instead of sitting back and not being happy with the outcomes that are happening. I do consider myself an activist, I love partaking in things in my school and my community, I don't like sitting back and complaining about things I don't like when I know I can have an impact on the situation. I have never thought about running for office but it doesn't mean that I won't that's for sure.”
Lauren Goudey, 18

Politics is important “to give our community a voice. I know that’s the biggest reason for me. (To be a politician) I really don’t think I’d remember everything that needed remembering. I’m so forgetful and really just wouldn’t have the patience.”
Brittany Comeau, 18

 “Politics are crucial so things can get done and change can happen. I’m not really a fan myself. It’s definitely not a career I’m considering.”
Morgan Raymond, 18

 “We need someone good in office who can run things well. I’m not the leader type – that’s not really me.’
Josh Taylor, 17

 “I’m very politically engaged. I get frustrated when humanitarian aid doesn’t reach needed areas. I could devote myself to that.”
Mollie Symons, 18

 “They want to have a say in the world, I think they want to do it for good reasons. Some people like the Dinosaur party are in it for kicks and giggles but some of them actually want to do something good. Well there are a couple things I’d like to change. I’d like to see the families of prisoners be able to have easier visits and the same with kids who are taken away from their families for a mistake their parents made - they should still be able to visit their parents.”
Mariah MacKenzie, 17

 “It’s a good thing to do. People are trying to help out the community. They are making an effort to make things better.”
Will Sylliboy, 16

Provincial Election 2017.


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