CEC receives provincial funding promoting skilled trades

Peter Topshee/For TC Media

Published on April 3, 2017

Mary White, a Grade 10 student at CEC, shows Karen Casey drywall technique following an announcement from the province Monday which will help skilled trades in Nova Scotia.

©Peter Topshee/For TC Media

TRURO, N.S. – Cobequid Educational Centre will be one of seven high schools added to the Skilled Trades Centres, an initiative promoting hands-on experience in the classroom.

Karen Casey, Education and Early Childhood Development Minister, was at CEC on Monday to talk about the program.


“These new Skilled Trades Centres will help students make stronger links between classroom learning and the world of work,” said Casey during the announcement.


The province announced in January that they would contribute $5 million to expand Skilled Trades Centres across Nova Scotia.


The funding is meant to promote strong links between classroom learning and hands on experience in the working world. Discussions between CCRSB, CEC, teachers and faculty will determine new course offerings.


William Kaulbach, principal at CEC, along with faculty and students, joined Casey for the announcement.


“Hopefully carpentry,” he said.


“We have a lot of students that need to be motivated and see some future in what they are studying and for a lot of students, it is skilled trades,” said Casey following the announcement.


Mary White is another student at CEC who is eyeing a future as an electrician. She was excited about the program.

“I’m going to learn dry walling as well, to see if I actually like it.”


“This will broaden the horizons for so many kids at CEC; this program will add to the opportunities for students in Colchester County,” said Casey.


The government plans to have 25 Skilled Trades Centres by 2020.