Ruff, ruff roof

Carnival fundraiser helps SPCA raise funds for new roof

Ryan Cooke
Published on August 9, 2014

TRURO – Thanks to the success of the Colchester SPCA’s annual carnival fundraiser, all of the group’s animals will get a new roof over their heads.

In total, the event raised $1,357 to go in part towards replacing the tattered shingles on the building with a new metal roof. Remaining funds will go towards the cost of upkeep for the organization, which runs largely on the contributions of volunteers.

Colchester SPCA manager Sara Delaney said the repairs are much needed, and the fundraiser went beyond most of its previous five years.

“The second year we did it was one of the best years we had,” she said, as volunteers finished tallying up the donations, while others took down the carnival setup. “But this one is following close behind I would say.”

Aimed at families looking for new pets, the event featured a barbeque, balloon animals, bouncy houses and various carnival games. While some kids played outside, others went on tours of the shelters where they visited some of the SPCA’s 70 cats and six dogs.

While all the animals will soon get a new roof over their heads, a lucky few managed to find forever homes on Saturday, including a potential adoption for one of the dogs.

“Even if we didn’t raise any money out here, we got some animals new homes, so that would make up for it,” Delaney said.

The group thrives on their ability to put off fundraisers, she said, as it gives a chance to open the shelter up to the community.

“The fundraisers are challenging, but we love them,” she said. “For some people this is the first time they’ve been here, so it’s great to raise awareness for the shelter and the animals inside.”

The day was also a chance to recruit some new young helpers, as part of the SPCA’s junior volunteer program. Aimed at kids 5-13, the program kicked off last month with 30 volunteers already signed up. As the helpers garner more hours, they’re rewarded with gifts and prizes.

“The kids get to do just about everything we would do,” Delaney said. “They’ll get to socialize, brush, patting cats and dogs and walking the dogs.”

Anybody looking to get involved can simply show up to the shelter with a parent during operating hours – Tuesday through Sunday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. – and get started.