Inside ‘Our health and our economy of the future depends on more such sane talk and follow up action’

Published on July 6, 2014
Paulas Promise is the proud dam of a Somebeachsomewhere foal. Lower Onslow connections include, from left, Dwayne Langille, Keith Driscoll, Rosanne Langille, Paul Langille and Christa Patriquin.

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Re: ‘Life is about embracing the mess, because it is messy and we are going to make mistakes’


“You really impressed me! Responding first on your topic: speaking freely is something most people have forgotten how to do. “Freedom of speech” is usually connoted to pertain to political matters only – not to be ‘everyday living’ that we all do and cherish. So long as we use our ‘free speech’ (everyday opinions) with honesty and without intention to do harm, it is anyone’s prerogative to so speak and not to be chastised for it. Yes, MacKay is in a position of importance, but his mind is his own (or should be) and without pressuring anyone, but simply stating his opinion, he is exercising his freedom as a Canadian. Secondly, you wrote about “freedom of choice,” another of our tenets of Canadian living. Whether a woman (or man) chooses to work for salary or work as a volunteer or work as a builder of society by caring for a family at home; that choice should be admired and supported. So many lives are stressed by having been ‘channeled’ into areas where the career doesn’t fit the personality. Money is a means to an end – to enable us to accomplish the noble goals we set for ourselves to be able to support others, not in itself as a sign of success in life. Some forfeit having a career based on money but by doing so succeed in building strong character in themselves and in those who observe them through their examples of altruism and service to society. A person’s worth is in their ability to contribute to the lives of others – whether in a corporate setting, a governmental setting, a community setting or a home setting. There ought not to be any adverse criticisms for the choice – the choice will be judged in a much higher setting at the end of our days. Thank you for bringing the importance of these two freedoms to the forefront in our community newspaper. Everyone needs to be reassured that their personal contribution of voice and action, however different or less visible than our politicians’, are the ‘grassroots’ that hold our society together and builds the platform of liberty on which our country exists. The mighty cannot be mighty without the support of the meek who uphold them in their places of esteem.”

Allan Wellwood



Re: ‘Beyond the barricade’


“Right on, Lenore! It’s about time some of our politicians started speaking out for the environment. Our health and our economy of the future depends on more such sane talk and follow up action.”

Norah Topping



Re: ‘Stratford girl with skin condition gives mother strength’


“What a brave young lady. I was teased by my peers all through school too and in my 20s, tattooed over an ankle to cover my vitiligo. It took me until my 30s (now 37) to love myself including my vitiligo. I embrace that I look different and I even tease around to people and call myself ‘calico’ like a beautiful calico cat. I’ve always loved calico cats and thought they were so beautiful because of their colourful markings, so it make me think… ‘I have beautiful, exotic, different markings, why don’t I love them?’ That’s when I made the change mentally and I now love my unusual markings. God bless you and your family!”

– Mary D



Re: ‘Hennigar’s Farm Market in Greenwich ordered to move flower beds’


“Perhaps the DOT should be more concerned about the numerous potholes that cause a danger to both motorists and cyclists rather than some flowers.”

– Pam Schofield



Re: ‘South Colchester student overcomes odds to graduate with friends’


“Way 2 go u guys!! Especially you, Taylor!!”

Kelsey Crowe




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-      RCMP assisting local police after body found in Westville: Published online on July 1: A woman’s body was found in the woods near the intersection of Office and Diamond streets in Westville last week. The Westville Police Department was investigating, with assistance from Stellarton Police and the Northeast Nova RCMP Major Crime and Forensic Identification units.

-      Arthur leaving its mark on Truro: Published online on July 5: Downed trees, power outages and high winds were courtesy of post-tropical storm Arthur as he made his way through the province, and Colchester County, on Saturday.

-      No Canadian to visit space station before 2017: Published online on July 2: Unless Canada makes a lot more contributions to the International Space Station, it could be a while before another Canadian astronaut visits the giant orbiting space laboratory.

-      A Beach attracts visitors to Lower Onslow: Published online on July 4: Excitement continues to grow at the Langille horse farm just off Oakland Drive in Lower Onslow thanks to A Beach, a stud born from Somebeachsomewhere. A Beach is the first stud born in Nova Scotia from the famous race horse.




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-      ‘Life is about embracing the mess, because it is messy and we are going to make mistakes’

-      Hennigar’s Farm Market in Greenwich ordered to move flower beds

-      No Canadian to visit space station before 2017

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