Veteran’s Widows and Widowers Association welcomes new members

Published on July 14, 2014

TRURO - A one-of-a-kind organization formed here many years ago continues to offers support to individuals and families coping with loss related to military service.

 “As far as we know it’s the only organization of its kind in all of Canada,” said Truro resident Herb Peppard, president of the local Veteran’s Widows and Widowers Association.

  “This is a pity, for this group represents some of the bravest and some of the most determined people in this country.”

Group member Pearl Canfield said she is proud to belong to the group. She said she felt “at home” with them from her first meeting, which has helped “to heal the (wounds) of my loss four years ago.”

 “My husband, George, served his country well and extended a year in the occupation force,” said Canfield. “But when he fell ill at the end of his life, it was a long, hard time for us. He would often have nightmares. That is when he lived the war over again, as he experienced it. I heard the deep hurt and the horror he was quietly carrying all those many years, the war unseen.  

“So, at the last of our life together, I did get to share, at least in part, some of the experiences he suffered through, and I was wounded also.”

Peppard said many members share some of the horrors of war they have many other stories to tell. Stories of marriage, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. The joys of family life, and the joys of really living.      

         “Our problem is veterans and spouses of veterans of the Second World War are few and far between today,” said Peppard. “Most of them are close to 90 years of age today. So, this has affected our membership. However, we’re determined to continue even if we have to stretch our rules a bit.”

         They welcome veterans of the Second World War, veterans of the Korean War, as well as parents and spouses of those who lost their lives in Afghanistan.

         Meetings are held at the Royal Canadian Legion in Truro and usually consist of a guest speaker, games, lunch, jokes and group business discussion.

For more information including dates and time, call Peppard at 893-8275; secretary Joan Terris, 893-8176; or membership, Myrna Deckman, 897-0107.