Zoning review to be conducted in light of new Granville Drive sewer project

Harry Sullivan hsullivan@trurodaily.com
Published on June 16, 2014

TRURO - Inquiries about the potential for future development projects in Upper Onslow is prompting Colchester County to conduct a zoning review for the area from Granville Drive to Highway 102.

In a staff letter from development officer Colin Forsyth to community development director Crawford MacPherson, Forsyth said he has been receiving inquires regarding the development potential for lots on Granville Drive, which is in the process of being connected to the municipal sewer system.

"People are asking about the possibility of two, three and four unit buildings," he said. "I have also been asked about commercial uses as well."

Forsyth said in the letter that he has been "discouraging these inquiries by stating the sewer is being extended to fix a problem not to open up Granville Drive for development and that the current residents are not expecting the makeup of their neighbourhood to change."

But there is nothing in the current bylaw, he added, "to provide this protection."

Council committee voted to recommend to council that the Planning Advisory Committee be directed to review the land-use policies for the portion of Onslow affected by the Granville sewer project and that future public meetings be held to determine whether a new planning policy is required.


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