Senior cadet gives words of encouragement to fellow members

‘It teaches you so many thing that you’re not going to learn at school or at home’

Raissa Tetanish
Published on May 25, 2014

TRURO – Ryan Menzies admits he doesn’t know where he’d be without cadets.

Menzies, a Chief Warrant Officer with the 2928 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps, was the Regimental Sergeant Major during the corps’ annual review yesterday afternoon.

“Six years ago, I walked into the doors of the armouries and I didn’t want to be there,” Menzies told the group of cadets in front of him. “I wanted to go home. But I didn’t, obviously, because I’m here today.”

Menzies explained to his fellow cadets that his parents wanted him to become involved with something so he wouldn’t spend his time doing nothing.

“It’s been…I don’t know where I’d be without it,” he said. “It’s an amazing program and it teaches you so many thing that you’re not going to learn at school or at home, or anywhere. If some of you aren’t sure if you want to continue, I’m here to convince you to stick with it. It will reward you.”

While many speakers, including reviewing officer Lieutenant-Colonel Stephen Gregory Hale, said the program couldn’t run without support from sponsors, volunteers and parents, Menzies also credited his mother and father for their help.

“My parents, my father especially, carted me around to more cadet events than anything else,” he said, while looking behind him to the stands at the Colchester Legion Stadium where his parents were sitting.

During the review, a number of awards were given out, including three going to Menzies. The senior cadet, who also just completed his final year with the corps, was honoured with the NSE Knives award, the Commanding Officer’s Award for Leadership and the Lord Strathcona Medal.

Master Corporal Sammy-Jo Surette also walked away with three awards – NSE Knives, Top Shot Scoring and Top Shot Standing.

Commanding Officer Major Charlie Keough told the crowd gathered that each year, he has the opportunity to get to know “each and every one” of the cadets.

“There is not one cadet here that’s not striving to be the best they can be,” he said.

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2928 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps awards for 2013-14

-       Top Green Star – Cpl. Noah Green

-       Top Red Star – MCpl. Andrew Ellis

-       Top Silver Star – MCpl. Rachel Murphy

-       Top Gold Star – WO Jordan Atkinson

-       NSE Knives – CWO Ryan Menzies, MWO Sammy-Jo Surette

-       Top Biathlete – male – MCpl. Michael Kommes

-       Top Biathlete – female – WO Jordan Atkinson

-       Top Shot Scoring – MWO Sammy-Jo Surette

-       Top Shot Grouping – MCpl. Michael Kommes

-       Top Shot Standing – MWO Sammy-Jo Surette

-       Top Fitness – Cpl. Cali Bruce

-       Most Improved Bandperson – Cpl. Noah Green

-       Top Overall Bandperson – WO Marco Vogel

-       Best Attendance – Cpl. Dakota Shaw

-       Best Uniform – Cpl. Maddie Mason

-       Most Improved Overall Cadet – WO Jordan Atkinson

-       CO’s Award for Leadership – CWO Ryan Menzies

-       Lord Strathcona Medal – CWO Ryan Menzies

-       Legion Service Medal – MCpl. Luke Dillman