Drugs, weapons seized from Prince Street home

Weapons included loaded handgun, medieval mace and Tasers

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Published on March 17, 2014

TRURO – A seizure made during a search of a Prince Street residence on Sunday is something of a concern for local police.

The Truro Police Service seized numerous prohibited weapons from the east end home, including six Tasers, 14 switchblades and a loaded .32-caliber handgun.

“It’s huge for us,” said Staff Sgt. Randy MacKenzie, of the Criminal Investigations Division (CID). “It’s certainly a public safety issue, having someone with access to this many prohibited devices and weapons.”

Early Sunday afternoon, the CID Unit assisted the Drug Enforcement Unit in a search of the home.

Peter George Muise, 48, is facing at least three charges following the search – two for possession of drugs – marijuana and hydromorphone – for the purpose of trafficking, as well as possessing a loaded prohibited firearm while not being the holder of a license for said firearm.

“The oddity in this seizure is what is different for us,” said Chief David MacNeil. “To find medieval swords and Tasers, we don’t typically run across those. For us, it’s more traditional firearms. This is a different assortment, yet equally dangerous.

“There is no other purpose for these weapons than to injure someone.”

Along with the loaded handgun, Tasers and switchblades, there were also four sets of brass knuckles, two medieval mace, a Samurai sword, knives hidden within necklaces, more than 80 hydromorphone pills, additional prescription medication, 192 grams of marijuana, several hundred dollars in cash, three collapsible batons that are restricted solely to law enforcement, two sets of weigh scales, two crossbows, a cell phone and computers.

“With information that may come from the computers or cell phone, there may be further charges,” MacKenzie said.

“Our fear was that these weapons could fall into the hands of someone that commits a robbery or an assault,” said MacNeil. “It’s a significant public safety issue. Anytime we can get weapons like these off the streets, that’s our goal. Our guys did a great job.”



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Truro Police Service Staff Sgt. Randy MacKenzie looks over the items seized from a Prince Street residence on Sunday during a search. Some of the seized items include six Tasers, a loaded .32-caliber handgun, 14 switchblades and two medieval mace.

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