Colchester County Council approves reclassification to some salaried positions

Harry Sullivan
Published on March 12, 2014
Municipal raises

TRURO  - A reclassification in some Colchester County salary ranges will result in raises for seven individuals amounting to a combined total of $17,500 more per year.

All salaried positions within the municipality are being increased by one per cent based on the Consumer Price Index.

However, four administration support clerks along with the director of Solid Waste, the Material Recovery Facility manager and a project engineer have had their salary ranges adjusted, as of April 1, based on recent raises approved by county council.

“There is no change of duties, it is a recognition of the additional duties the person has been performing over the past years and just brings it into the proper range that that person should be,” CAO Ramesh Ummat said.

“So we have a few positions being reclassified.”

And Corporate Services director Bruce Purchase added that the salary adjustments are also an attempt to keep municipal salaries in line with the labour market for competitive purposes.

“We’re trying to be competitive if we have positions we’re trying to hire for,” Purchase said. “We had to do this a few years ago with our project engineers because we couldn’t get anybody, because our range was less than the market was paying for project engineers.”

The salary range for administrative clerks now is set from $37,394 per year to a maximum of $41,276.

The range for Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) manager now is set at a minimum of $61,566 to a maximum of $67,870. This range also includes the managers of Finance, Recreation Services, Inspection Services and the Economic Development Officer although only the MRF manager is included in the increase approved by council.

The range for Project Engineer now is set at a minimum of $75,900 to $83,779 while the range for the director of Solid Waste runs from $87,408 to $96,483.

That category also includes the directors of Corporate Services and Community Development, although no raises were approved for those two positions.

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