Truro businessman proud of unique vacuum collection

‘When people come in and look at the collection they are really fascinated’

Published on February 5, 2014

TRURO – Kamal Mydean is proud to have a very unique collection.

The co-owner of Aerus Electrolux in Truro has collected about 60 Electrolux vacuums, dating back to the very first model created from Sweden in 1909. The collection is in his business on Willow Street and is available to the community to view.

Mydean, a Bible Hill resident who co-owns the business with his wife Nancy, said his Electrolux collection “is the only one in Canada,” to his knowledge.

“When people come in and look at the collection they are really fascinated. Nobody knew there are so many models. ‘They say, are they that old?’” said Mydean, adding “every one of them works, but some of them can’t be replaced if they stopped working.”

He estimates spending about $75,000 on the various models and said it can be time-consuming keeping the older models clean and in working condition.

“I just like the machines. They are unique and people love them too,” Mydean said of the variety exhibited in the store.

Mydean, who is originally from India, said his fascination with vacuums began when he first came to Canada in 1974. A Filter Queen representative arrived at his house to showcase their vacuum and Mydean immediately bought one. One year later, he fell in love with Electrolux when that company sent a representative to his home and he bought that model too.

He enjoyed the product so much he became an Electrolux salesman in 1982, and by 2003 he was owner of the Truro business and a year later he bought the franchise.

Mydean has familiarized himself with the many changes of Electrolux vacuums since the early 1900s. For example, he said, the 1909 Sweden model was metal and weighed 50 pounds. The first Canadian model was created in 1924 and the plastic body model wasn’t introduced until 1973.

“I liked that plastic model the best,” said Mydean.

Other significant milestones in the business, Mydean said, include a metal body model coming out in 1975 when an Ontario plant locked out its workers, forcing the purchase of machines from the United States. In 1977, the plastic body was again in creation, and by 1978 Electrolux models offered double speed – high and low.

Mydean encourages residents to check out the collection, adding he is eager to share his knowledge and other historical information with the public.

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Kamal Mydean, co-owner of Aerus Electrolux in Truro, shows a vacuum cleaner from 1924. That was the year that vacuum model was introduced in Canada. Mydean has a large collection of Electrolux vacuums, dating back to the early 1900s. Monique Chiasson – Truro Daily News