Classmates working on 1974 CEC reunion

Published on January 3, 2014

TRURO – This summer will be a blast from the past for students who graduated from Cobequid Educational Centre 40 years ago.

Marian Munroe (nee Wilson), Kathy Burrows and Ian Legate are working on organizing a 40th anniversary reunion for their fellow graduates of 1974.

“I’ve never received any notifications of any previous reunions, and both Ian and I were at the 1973 reunion last year,” said Munroe, adding graduates from 1975 are also invited to the reunion this coming August.

“We wanted to go to the 1973 class reunion for the nostalgia. We’re all getting older and we realize it might not be possible to get together soon.”

The reunion is scheduled for Aug. 16, 2014, and Munroe is hoping to get the word out to as many of the 300 or so people on her list as possible.

“We would like to see a good 50 per cent of them at the reunion. We’re all scattered over at least three continents. We’ve already had some feedback from some people that now live out west that have contacted us with an interest in coming home,” she said.

To help with the contact process, the organizers are turning to social media and the Internet to get in touch with those they graduated with.

A private group has been created on Facebook (, as well as a public fan page ( Munroe has also started a blog at

“Of the 300 or so names, I think I have about 50 email addresses,” she said. “I know there are a lot of our classmates on Facebook. There is a group called ‘You know you’re from Truro when,’ so I started there.”

Munroe said a lot of people have contacted her through the blog site, which also includes contact information.

“We wanted to start (organizing) early and personally invite all our former classmates. It’s a slow process.”

Legate is working on booking the entertainment for the reunion, but doesn’t have anything confirmed yet that he can publicly announce. He’s hoping for concrete confirmation in the next couple of weeks.

He declined to give any hints as to what he’s working on.

“If I did and it didn’t happen, there would be disappointment,” he said. “But I can say that whoever the entertainment is, it will be a special surprise.”

Along with the Facebook page and group, and blog, those wanting more information on attending can email Munroe at

Twitter: @TDNRaissa