Bubbles, Julian, Ricky in Truro and area until late August

By Randi Beers - Special to the Truro Daily News

Published on July 21, 2013

BIBLE HILL – Jacob MacDonald is only seven years old but he’s already been in the running to play one of the Trailer Park Boys.

Well, one of the young ones, that is.

“He was one of the top two in the running to play the kid version of Bubbles,” said Jacob’s mom, Sandra, who lives in Bible Hill Estates trailer park where the Trailer Park Boys started filming season eight of their show last week. “They even let him wear his glasses, but the part ended up going to a boy from New Glasgow.”

MacDonald was hanging out in the front yard of a neighbour’s trailer on Wild Chance Drive, watching the filming across the street with Jacob and his friend, 9-year-old Jeremiah Mosher.

The mother said they got a sunburn while watching her new neighbours, but were also able to score a picture with Mike Smith, who plays Bubbles, the show’s adorable kitten lover who lives in a shed, as well as a signed collage of images from the show.

“The other night Jacob was up until about 11 watching the Trailer Park Boys Movie,” she said about her son, whom she says isn’t usually allowed to stay so up late but, since this is a special occasion, is letting him indulge.

Locals from Bible Hill Estates collected on the lawns of surrounding trailers with people who had come from other parts of Truro to watch as filming moved between the two trailers and shed that are Ricky, Julian and Bubbles’ home this season. The Gemini-winning show debuted on televisions in 2001, and centres on three petty crooks who are tailed by a documentary crew.  The television show ended in 2008, but their trio’s story continued in subsequent productions, which included the 2009 movie ‘Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day.’

Steve Oldford stood across the lane with his daughter Hayley. The two of them describe themselves as “big, big fans” of the show.

Hayley, 13, held a picture of the cast in her hands, hoping she’d be able to catch a moment to get an autograph.

Behind the two, Michelle York was watching from the deck of her trailer, across the street. She doesn’t mind her new neighbours, but left the park for a while late last week with her family so they could get some peace from all of the locals who have started to congregate around her home.

“I don’t mind people coming by to watch as long as they’re not using profanity,” said York, whose 6-year-old son’s bedroom window overlooks the set.

“But I guess they’re using profanity in the show,” she joked. “We’re hoping he doesn’t pick up any of the language, and he hasn’t so far.”

Even down at the office, the Bible Hill Estates trailer park managers are much more welcoming to the boys than show’s Sunnyvale trailer park manager, Jim Lahey.

“The boys were here before, maybe three or four years ago,” said Flora Whebby, who used to manage the park with her husband, Jack, and still lives there in retirement. “They always said they’d come back and film again, but I never believed them. They’re a lovely set of guys.”

The actors who play the Trailer Park Boys - Robb Wells, Mike Smith and John Paul Tremblay - announced earlier this month they acquired the rights to the show’s franchise from original producers Mike Clattenburg, Barrie Dunn and Mike Volpe.

They will be filming season eight of their show in and around Truro until August 28. The season will be released on their website, SwearNet.com