Truro soprano to bring voice, harpist to Truro stage

Miller, Toczko to perform The Paths of Love at St. James Presbyterian Church

Published on June 18, 2014
Truro native Jana Miller, left, and harpist Kristan Toczko are performing ‘The Paths of Love' on Friday at St. James Presbyterian Church in Truro. Showtime is 7 p.m.

TRURO - A new program opened Jana Miller to working with a harpist.

Miller, a Truro native, is performing Friday with harpist Kristan Toczko.

"It was a program we put together after being asked to do it in Moncton," said Miller, a soprano now living in Montreal. "Initially they were interested in Kristan, but I knew one of the organizers who asked me as well."

The performance, which begins at 7 p.m. at the St. James Presbyterian Church, will feature a number of well-loved songs, says Miller.

"There is a lot of vocal repertoire that is usually accompanied by piano, but there are so many beautiful colours that you can get with a harp, so we decided to accompany it with a harpist," she said.

‘The Paths of Love' will also feature some folk songs, most of which have something to do with love. The program will take listeners on a tour through the British Isles, France, Austria, Israel and Italy, exploring and enjoying different expressions of love in each culture.

While both Miller and Toczko had attended McGill University at roughly the same timeframe, they had never worked together before.

"The first time we got together was only a couple of months ago when we chose the repertoire," said Toczko.

"I had no idea what the harp was about," Miller added. "But when you hear her play solo, she is quite ravishing."

Only really sitting down together a month ago, the two Maritimers (Toczko is from Moncton) are quickly becoming friends.

"This is blossoming into a real friendship," said Toczko.

To perform in the Maritimes together, including a show in Halifax on Sunday, the two realized the best way to make it was to travel together on the road.

"We're getting along great," said Miller. "Kristan needed to get her harp to Nova Scotia from Montreal, so we realized the only way to get it there was to drive together."

Knowing the program was going to be performed in Moncton, Miller wanted to include it in her hometown, as well.

"I still have family and friends in Truro, and lots of people there are still following my career," she said. "I am well supported and it's a wonderful feeling because a lot of these people gave me my start.

"I really think everyone will enjoy this performance."

Admission is by donation at the door.

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WHO: Soprano Jana Miller and harpist Kristan Toczko

WHAT: The Paths of Love: a program featuring songs of love from places all over the world

WHEN: June 20, 7 p.m.

WHERE: St. James Presbyterian Church, Truro

ADMISSION: by donation