Slate Youth Centre holds 10th anniversary celebration

Published on May 8, 2017

Zack Saint, left, and Jacob MacRitchie were regulars at Slate Youth Centre when it first opened. They were at the centre recently to help mark its 10th anniversary.

©Lynn Curwin/Truro Daily News

TRURO, N.S. – It was the sense of feeling welcome that Zack Saint and Jacob MacRitchie value most from their years at Slate Youth Centre.

The two young men, now 25, were among the first group of youth to attend the centre, and they stopped by on May 4 to help celebrate the facility’s 10th anniversary.

“It was a great place for my group of friends to come together and just be, without bothering anyone or being bothered, and without spending money,” said MacRitchie. “I don’t feel the surroundings make the biggest difference. We were comfortable because the supervisors went out of their way to make sure we felt welcome.”

He said he thinks he would have been more isolated as a teenager if the centre had not existed.

Saint now spends time at the centre as a volunteer whenever he’s back in town.

“This gave me a place to wind down, and feel and act myself,” he said. “I value it so much I want to help other kids the same way I was helped.

“My life would have been very different if I hadn’t discovered this place; I would have been a lot more isolated and wouldn’t have as many friends.”

He said he went away to university and when he returned there were a lot of new youth for him to get to know.

“It’s a great community and I’m glad I have the chance to help out here.”

Slate is located at 883 Prince St. For more information call 902-893-3991or check out the Facebook page at .