Forty-six years and countless trees for Truro Tree Committee

Published on May 15, 2017

The Truro Tree Committee marked 46 years of planting and maintaining the Hubtown’s trees on Arbour Day with the planting of a Liberty apple tree beside the Farmers’ Market. Taking part in the event were, from left, committee members Andrew Williamson and Don Cameron, spectator Terry Hearn and Truro deputy mayor Cheryl Fritz.

©Harry Sullivan/Truro Daily News

A healthy looking Liberty apple sapling is placed into its prepared hole, topsoil is gently spread around and a good dousing of water is added as the final touch.

Chalk up another successful planting for the Truro Tree Committee.

The event, which occurred Thursday on Arbour Day, marked 46 years committee members have been following in the footsteps of the town’s forefathers by continuing to ensure the growth of new trees.

“It would be safe to say that tens of thousands have been planted as a direct result of the Truro Tree Committee planting program,” said chairman and long-standing member Don Cameron, who is also a regional forester with the Department of Natural Resources.

Cameron said the committee was formed in 1971 by a few professional foresters with the Canadian Forestery Service and the former Lands and Forests Department, who recognized that the Dutch Elm disease (which was confirmed in 1969) was on its way and that something needed to be done to counter its effect. As well as combatting the influx of the disease, the committee realized other tree varieties, including maples were getting old and needed to be replaced.

The committee also oversees management of the community’s urban forest resource and forested watershed lands on behalf of town council.

“We’ve made a move towards more native species as time has gone on but we’ve offered species of a variety of things that we know are suitable for this geographic location,” Cameron said.

Once the Liberty apple tree, which is planted beside the Truro Farmers’ Market, begins to produce fruit, it will be free for the picking by the public.