Diesel pump in Upper Stewiacke a time saver for farmers

Trips outside of the community for fuel no longer necessary

Published on August 26, 2013

UPPER STEWIACKE – Finally, no more wasted trips out of the community simply to refill the diesel tanks.

That is the impression of local farmers ever since the Co-Op in Upper Stewiacke recently installed a diesel pump at the store.

“To have diesel this close is tremendously valuable. You don’t have to travel to Upper Musquodoboit anymore or to Brookfield,” said Stephen Keddy, who sees advantages from both the perspective of a farmer and a volunteer firefighter.

“Having diesel pumps in our own community puts money back into our community and it’s cheaper,” he said.

As a member of the Upper Stewiacke Volunteer Fire Brigade, which has two diesel trucks, Keddy and his fellow members will also not have to spend as much time on the road to keep the rigs fuelled up.

“That’s a big savings just in time because it’s all volunteer with the fire department,” he said.

The Co-Op has had gasoline pumps at the store since 1993. But they were outdated and there was no option for diesel, manager Jennifer Boon said.

“They were very old,” she said, adding that the addition of the diesel pump has been well received.

“It’s made quite a difference. Farmers really appreciate it,” she said.

Erin Falkenham agreed.

Not only is the pump ensuring that more community spending is occurring in Upper Stewiacke, which also means more money for the local Co-op, but its presence means less downtime while working in the fields.

“There’s a lot of good benefits to having it here,” Falkenham said. “And a lot of it’s time.”

Previously, a round trip to get fuel in Upper Musquodoboit could easily eat up about a half-hour, while a trip to Brookfield could be anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour.

“Having had to run back and forth for a lot of our supplies, it is a tremendous time saver for us,” she said. “Between the tractors and the truck and renovations and haying and everything that we do, I’ll take that extra half hour anywhere that I can get it.

“We do a lot of haying, you don’t plan to run out of gas, and running back and forth to Brookfield … was a huge time suck, really. And I appreciate not having to go there anymore. So yeah, I think it’s a great success really.”






Jennifer Boon, manager of the Co-Op store in Upper Stewiacke, says the recent installation of a diesel fuel pump has been well received.