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Results of the survey

Will you make use of a community seed library that will be made available through the Dalhousie Agricultural Campus in Bible Hill?

  • 13% Yes
  • 86% No

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How often do you read novels?


Are you pleased the County of Colchester purchased the former Palliser Motel with plans to use it as a visitor information centre?


Do you have a tattoo?


Are you surprised the deficit at the RECC for the current fiscal year is projected to be almost $1 million?

Recent survey

Have you started your home garden preparation?

  • 17% Yes, I have planted seeds indoors
  • 23% No, but soon
  • 32% No, I'm waiting for better weather
  • 28% I don't garden

Who do think will win the Maritime Junior Hockey League Kent Cup final series between the Truro Bearcats and Dieppe Commandos?

  • 24% Truro
  • 27% Dieppe
  • 49% Don't care

How often do you play video games?

  • 12% At least once a day
  • 12% A couple of times a week
  • 2% Maybe a few times a month
  • 16% Hardly ever
  • 58% Never

How often do you shop for new clothes?

  • 5% Every few weeks
  • 2% Every 2-4 months
  • 73% Whenever I need them
  • 20% Hardly ever

When was the last time you attended a local school production such as a play or musical?

  • 15% Within the last year
  • 4% Within the last two years
  • 61% More than two years ago
  • 20% Never

Are you following the trial of suspended senator Mike Duffy?

  • 28% Yes, with great interest
  • 40% Somewhat
  • 32% No

Did you do any hunting or trapping during the winter?

  • 10% Yes
  • 90% No

How often do you eat at restaurants?

  • 18% About once a month
  • 38% A couple times each month
  • 24% At least once a week
  • 14% A few times a week
  • 6% Once a day

How many Truro Bearcats’ MHL playoff games have you attended this season?

  • 0% All of them
  • 4% All of the home games
  • 12% A few
  • 84% None

Will you be going to the Truro Framers' Market on opening day Saturday?

  • 34% Yes
  • 66% No