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Results of the survey

About how many pennies do you have in your home?

  • 62% • At least $10 worth
  • 22% • At least $1 worth
  • 10% • Less than $1
  • 6% • None that I know of

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What is your favourite summer berry?


Are you planning to attend this year’s Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition in Bible Hill from Aug. 19 to 23?


When was the last time you enjoyed a live performance, such as a musical act or play?


Which provincial exhibitions do you plan on attending this summer?


With more information becoming available on hydraulic fracturing, and the Wheeler report about to be released to government, how do you feel about fracking?

Recent survey

How do you feel about the decision to not have a parade as part of this year's Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition in Bible Hill?

  • 35% It's disappointing. I always enjoyed seeing it.
  • 30% It doesn't bother me because I never watched it.
  • 35% I don't care either way.

Have you ever attended any musical theatre performances involving area youth?

  • 11% Yes, I go to my children's school musicals.
  • 31% Yes, I watch whatever ones I can get to.
  • 5% No, but I intend to.
  • 53% No, I have no interest in the arts.

How often do you use social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

  • 36% Multiple times a day
  • 9% Once a day
  • 7% A couple times a week
  • 9% Rarely
  • 39% I don't use social media sites

Do you plan on attending Atlantic Grand Circuit Week events at Truro Raceway next week?

  • 2% Yes, all of them
  • 5% Might get to a few races
  • 93% No, not my thing

Do you plan to attend any Brookfield Homecoming festivities this weekend?

  • 0% Yes
  • 92% No
  • 8% Maybe

Do you agree with the decision of Archie Comics to kill off main character Archie in the Life With Archie series?

  • 11% Yes
  • 63% No
  • 26% I don’t read comics

What is your favorite brand of tea?

  • 20% King Cole
  • 0% Lipton
  • 6% Morse's
  • 1% PG Tips
  • 38% Red Rose
  • 6% Twining's
  • 29% Other

Which non-profit organization do you contribute to, financially or through volunteer efforts?

  • 6% Cancer society
  • 6% Diabetes society
  • 0% Arthritis society
  • 6% Kidney foundation
  • 82% Other

Do you plan on attending Brookfield homecoming festivities?

  • 14% Yes
  • 86% No

What is your favourite way to enjoy summer?

  • 16% Travelling
  • 18% Time at the beach, cottage or lake
  • 41% Relaxing while on a break from work
  • 25% Other