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Results of the survey

Are you planning to attend the Super Thrill Circus in Truro at the Rath Eastlink Community Centre on June 16?

  • 5% Yes
  • 90% No
  • 4% Maybe

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How well do you sort your garbage, recyclables and compost?


How would you rate the condition of sidewalks in Bile Hill and Truro?


When was the last time you purchased a new vehicle?


Will you get a flu shot this fall?


Who do you think will win the World Series?

Recent survey

Do you often go for a walk or drive to take in the fall colours?

  • 36% Yes, it's my favourite part of autumn
  • 50% Yes, I like the drive/walk
  • 8% I try to, but often can't when the time is right
  • 6% No

During National Fire Prevention Week from Oct. 5 to 11 have you tested your smoke alarm?

  • 29% Yes
  • 59% No
  • 12% I plan to

Do you feel there is adequate parking for shoppers in downtown Truro?

  • 34% Yes
  • 57% No
  • 9% I don’t know

When was the last time you purchased a piece of local art?

  • 3% Within the past month
  • 13% Within the past six months
  • 7% Within the past year
  • 7% Within the past five years
  • 15% More than five years
  • 55% Never

Have white-tailed deer caused damage to your property or gardens?

  • 50% Yes
  • 50% No

What do you give the greatest consideration to when buying produce?

  • 37% Price
  • 27% Appearance
  • 36% Locally produced
  • 0% Packaging

How often do you check your smoke detector to make sure it's working?

  • 2% Once a month
  • 9% Every two to three months
  • 36% Every time I change the clocks
  • 25% Once a year
  • 28% Never

Do you plan to travel out of town on Thanksgiving weekend?

  • 9% Yes
  • 82% No
  • 9% Not sure

Do you agree with Alton Natural Gas' plans to pump brine into the Stewiacke River to allow for underground natural gas storage?

  • 29% Yes, it will bring jobs to the area
  • 51% No, it will pollute the river
  • 20% Maybe, I don't really understand it

Do you support the protest currently underway against the construction of a $100-million natural gas storage project in the Alton area?

  • 34% Yes
  • 57% No
  • 9% I'm not sure