Mother Nature makes sugar hard to get

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To the editor,

(Re: Ad reminds people it takes 23 minutes of cycling to burn off a can of soda, Truro Daily News, June 9, 2014)


Coca-Cola's ad about exercising away the 140 calories in a can of soda is half true.  

True, one can burn off calories by exercise. The hidden lie, which Robert Lustig, MD lays bare in his book Fat Chance, is that all calories are equal. They're not.

There's “slow” calories and “fast” calories. 

The fructose calories in an apple are “slow” because they come wrapped in fibre. Fibre ensures full digestion, bypassing the body's survival trick of storing surplus energy for a rainy day.

But Coke's (and Pepsico's) fibre-less sugar goes straight to the liver for conversion to fat. Once on, it's devilish hard to get off. 

Soda makers know all this. By pretending all calories are equal, they shift the blame onto consumers.  

In the ad, like good children, we earn our sodas by exercising away calories beforehand.  The fact is, sugary drinks are totally unnatural. Mother Nature makes sugar hard to get-guarded by bees, diluted in maple sap, stored in tough sugar cane or beets, wrapped in fibre.

Do they take us for fools? Yes. And if we buy their highly profitable bull, we are. 


Gary Saunders


Organizations: Coca-Cola, Pepsico

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