Declining population has ramifications

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To the editor,

It is so encouraging to hear our hired leaders are finally paying attention to the aging and declining population in Nova Scotia and the ramifications of that.

I'm sure that any Nova Scotian with their eyes open knew this problem was looming in the future 50 years ago. This is a problem our past hired staff has passed onto us. Now I'm not stating that past politicians were not qualified for their jobs. I can only conclude that they were more interested in feathering their own nest rather than take positive, intelligent actions to prevent the problem we now have.

Looking back over recent history, it appears that if they had any good ideas to raise the overall standard of living for the average Nova Scotian they took a vow of secrecy and kept their management skills to themselves. To me, I'll give you one prominent insight into their thinking. For example, Emera, an old Nova scotia company producing a lot of good-paying jobs with benefits and provides a product that raises our standard of living by heating our homes providing lighting, entertainment and investment opportunities.

I know nobody likes to see prices rise, but it's a given in a capitalist society. Where else can you get value for money that Emera provides. I can imagine now if Emera, was a small company and wanted millions of dollars to proceed with developing an expansion, Nova Scotia would be only too anxious to give it to them. They should be encouraged to expand nationally and internationally as they are doing.

A secret I learned when I was very young is look after yourself and don't depend on big brother for much largeness. Big brother has a big hand and he likes to put it in your pocket and mismanage his find. Maybe one of our answers is to give more money to the productive arts community.

Frank Dominey

Fort Ellis

Geographic location: Nova Scotian, Nova Scotia

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