Children’s inappropriate actions require parental support not defending

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To the editor,

(Re: MLA to be commended for fighting back against cyberbullying, by Hattie Dyck, Truro Daily News, Saturday, Jan. 4.)

After listening to the mother of the youth who had posted the picture of Zann, I was left speechless. After all the coverage of the Parsons case, how could that youth not see the similarities between his actions and those of the boys involved in that case? And then, for him to telephone Zann and, using vulgar language, chastise her for calling his father shows that he was still not getting the message that his actions were inappropriate. But, after listening to his mom say that she felt that Zann had over reacted by contacting the police, I can understand why the young man does not realize that his actions were not acceptable.

I can understand a parent supporting their children. What I have trouble accepting is that the boy's mom does not see the difference between supporting and defending.  

To demonstrate, I will use a personal example. One of my sons once used the ‘N’ word when he was repeatedly being harassed by another student. When he was expelled while the other student was not even chastised by the school, I explained to him that I was in his corner regarding that point but that I was definitely not with him and defending his actions and worked through with him ways he might have handled the situation differently. Supporting vs. defending.

Kudos to Dyck for coming to the defence of Zann and pointing out that what a person does for a career is immaterial when it comes to these, or any other, inappropriate action. Once again, she has gained my respect.


Jim Harpell,

Shortt's Lake

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