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Letters to the Editor (The Truro Daily News)
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I am writing with regard to the article on the Memorial Cross alleged to have been awarded to the family of James S. Heighton. This cross has been subject to discussion on two Internet forums populated by collectors and researchers.
Canadian Expeditionary Force Study Group and the British Medal Forum
The evidence presented by the style of naming and the appearance of the cross in the eBay auction photos led to undisputed conclusions that the cross was not authentic. While some may wish to infer that the movement of memorial crosses, medals and other artifacts though the collectors' markets is a tragedy, it would certainly be a greater tragedy if anyone committed to buying this cross from Mr. Thompson only to later discover it was a fake.
Mr. Thomson, as reported in your article, is not a medal collector and appears to have no great expertise in this area of collecting. He is, therefore, unqualified through professional training or other experience to determine accurately the authenticity of the cross for those he claims to represent as a buyer.
I would recommend that one of your reporters spend some time on the forums described above, and he/she will find information on Canadian Memorial Crosses and how to determine their authenticity (as well as a number of very experienced collectors willing to offer advice that can be the foundation of further research). I would also suggest that the cross in question be examined by one or more reputable experts in the field before any commitment is made to purchase it.
Michael M. O'Leary
London, Ont.

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