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To the editor,

Did you see that Olympic hockey?

I, and millions of other Canadians were glued to our TV sets for this exciting brand of hockey. You know what the funny thing is? All those people who say ‘the game will be ruined if you take fighting out of hockey’ were likely the ones in Team Canada jerseys, giving each other high-fives when Crosby scored that beautiful breakaway goal. 

Yes, I realize Olympic hockey is different. So are the World Juniors. But it sure is entertaining hockey. For that matter, so are the Stanley Cup finals. What is missing in all of these? Fighting and dirty play.

Here's my two cents: Get rid of all the fighters and dirty players. Every team has at least a couple of enforcers. Replace them with talented, speedy players whose main focus is scoring and play making. There is without a doubt, a long lineup of young talented players just waiting to get drafted. To those who say ‘you need to police the game and protect the star players,’ I say, ‘where were the police during the Olympics?’ There were no dirty players on the ice to police, the same as World Juniors.

During the Stanley Cup finals, the dirty players and fighters usually sit out and the skilled players are let loose. There are still lots of hard hits and physical play, but no fights. I know star players make occasional dirty plays too. They would be disciplined accordingly. Can you imagine watching that exciting caliber of hockey all the time? We can. Get rid of the goons!

Just think about this letter, when you're watching the circus, they call the first couple of playoff rounds, this spring.


Spud Arsenault


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