Alternative to tobacco cigarettes offered at new Truro retail outlet

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TRURO – A few years ago while travelling in the United States, Nain and Michael Bitar were introduced to electronic cigarettes.

Michael Bitar, co-owner of VAPORhub in Truro, displays a couple of the electronic cigarette models available in his retail shop. Harry Sullivan – Truro Daily News

They didn’t know much about the product, or ‘vaping’ as the experience is called, but Nain, 28, decided to give it a try.

After smoking since he was 16, Nain said it has now been more than two years since he has had a cigarette after switching to the e-cigarette.

“Some people have mixed reviews about it,” Nain said. “I wasn’t a believer until I tried it and ever since then I haven’t had a cigarette in two and a half years … it changed my life.”

Michael, 23, said it has now been more than a year since he also quit smoking cigarettes, in favour of the electronic brand, which does not produce smoke.

The e-cigarettes use a liquid (called a juice) that is heated and absorbed by a battery-operated coil, which is then turned into a water vapour.

“It also worked well for an uncle of ours (who had smoked for 45 or 50 years),” Michael said.

“And he hasn’t touched a cigarette in over a year and a half now and that kind of inspired us to open up shop.”

The retail business is located on Willow Street and is called VAPORhub.

Besides the e-cigarettes, the brothers also sell accessories and the e-juice, solutions that contain a wide variety of flavourings, some of which contain nicotine and others that do not.

“What we’re trying to do is just help people who have been smoking for so long. I mean, we’re not here to sell to minors or people who don’t smoke,” Michael said. “We just want to give people a healthier, cheaper alternative that makes them feel better. We’re putting money back in their pocket and they’re feeling better. We get people in here who are 65, 70 years old and their lungs wheeze throughout the night. Within a week, week and a half, that’s gone, they’re feeling better.”

E-cigarette products, including e-liquids, that contain any amount of nicotine or have a health claim, fall within the scope of the Food and Drugs Actand require approval by Health Canada before they can be imported, advertised or sold in Canada.

Health Canada spokesman Gary Holub

told the Truro Daily News that, to date, “there is not sufficient evidence that the potential benefits of e-cigarettes in helping Canadians to quit smoking outweigh the potential risks.”

Holub said a company would have to provide evidence of safety, quality and effectiveness in order to have its product authorized and without that scientific evidence, Health Canada continues to advise Canadians against the use of these products.

No such products have been approved, he said.

“Nicotine is a highly addictive and toxic substance, and the inhalation of propylene glycol (found in the flavourings) is a known irritant. Although these electronic smoking products may be marketed as a safer alternative to conventional tobacco products, electronic smoking products may pose risks such as nicotine poisoning and addiction.”

Health Canada further urges anyone who is trying to quit smoking to talk with their doctor and see what products are available to help them.

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Organizations: Health Canada, Truro Daily News

Geographic location: Willow Street, Canada

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Recent comments

  • Barbara Nelson
    March 24, 2015 - 18:21

    I have 78 days off cigarettes,. . there is no smell and my clothes don't stink. My doctor has said that my lungs have never sounded so clear. I was using 3 inhalers ,now i use 1 . I go to the hub and talk a lot about wanting off even the vapor, the guys there are very helpful , I ask a lot of questions and they explain how to mix , how to drop mg's. the flavors i might like . and better equipment I believe and it is my experience as i have been to all 3 shops that the Truro Vapor Hub is the best place to go for good advise . thank you

  • Stangela
    April 18, 2014 - 18:47

    According to Health Canada, e-cigarettes that contain nicotine require market authorization to be sold. Fortunately, the law actually states that if a nicotine delivery device delivers less than 4mg of nicotine per dose (puff) they are exempt from these requirements. Health Canada will tell you this doesn't apply to e-cigarettes, but the law is the law. Health Canada will ask vendors to stop selling e-cigarettes, but there is no law to back up their request. This has been tested numerous times, as no vendor has ever been shut down by Health Canada.

  • John F
    April 18, 2014 - 18:28

    I am currently using an e-cigarette device daily. I was a 2 pack a day smoker for almost a decade. Until that is I was turned onto an e-cigarette. I was skeptical at first, and asked the advice of my family physician. He told me, "Every cigarette you can replace with your e-cigarette will be beneficial to your health. The risks associated with smoking far out way the potential risk associated with the e-cigarette". This, of course, is in his own best medical knowledge and understanding of the comparative items. One must remember that the government agencies which like to say that e-cigarettes are unsafe, collected a combined, federal and provincialy $7,312,993,636 in the 2012-2013 tax year. Federal taxes alone accounted for $2,810,161,636. What corporation in this would would want to loose that kind of revenue stream? None. And that is how we must look at this, as a corporation looking for revenue. In fact, the entire 2014 federal budget's new spending is solely reliant on the tobacco revenue. It was stated in our house of commons in plain English. So I, for one, will not buy into the media scare tactics looking to shy me away from this alternative to the combustion of tobacco products into my lungs.

  • Marsha Kaczmarek
    April 18, 2014 - 17:52

    Thanks to the Vaporhub both my husband and I have been able to quit smoking! Our doctor, coupled with many other doctors feel that this is by far a better alternative to smoking cigarettes. The biggest concern for the government is that they are not making the tax dollars from the e-cigarettes and liquids that they would from cigarettes, plain and simple!