Q&A session with Shubie Sam

Raissa Tetanish
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SHUBENACADIE – Truro Daily News reporter Raissa Tetanish sat down with Shubenacadie Sam to get his take on Sunday’s Groundhog Day, and how the rodent prepares for the attention.

TRURO DAILY NEWS: So Sam, how does it feel to have the weight on your shoulders to predict how long winter will last?


SAM: It could be a little stressful, but I find the use of yoga and meditation to be very relaxing. Massage therapy also.


TDN: Do you get nervous in the days leading up to your appearance, and how do you normally react when you first come out of your burrow?


SAM: No, I’m not nervous. I thrive in the spotlight. Sometimes I’m awestruck but I make my rounds and try to say hello to as many of the visitors as I can.


TDN: Would you prefer hibernating through the entire winter season, or do you enjoy the interruption?


SAM: I very much like meeting all my fans and wouldn’t miss Groundhog Day for anything.


TDN: What are some of the comments you hear from your fans, both young and old alike?


SAM: A lot are very interested in my diet and my training regime. Many are curious about my friend, Samantha, my groundhog friend who lives here in the burrow with me – she’s a little shy. And there have been people that have offered to influence my predictions, but I’m immune to bribery. I had someone offer me some extra tasty treats.


TDN: When you aren’t hibernating, what are your preferred activities?


SAM: I enjoy a good stretch in the sun and ear scratches are always nice. But eating is probably tops on the list – yeah, eating and sunbathing.

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