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Photo : Sonya Thorne May 22, 2013

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Cheering for the Refs - It’s that time of year again – basketball season. Every winter, I spend a lot of time in local gyms, watching some good, not-so-good, and truly terrible basketball. I watch all levels – mini ball, junior high, high school (and, of course, the Dal AC Rams). As I sit in the stands, chatting with the parents of the players, I inevitably get asked “which one’s yours?” They are usually a bit surprised when I say “The one with the braids and the whistle.” You see, I go to the games to cheer on my wife, who referees basketball. When Joy took up reffing, I started coming to see her games because she liked having another perspective on how she was doing as she was learning this new skill. I quickly re-discovered my love of watching basketball. I was never a player, but have always been a fan. I like the strategy, the tactics, and how the unexpected can happen at any moment (especially with mini ball!). I quickly realized that I was playing an important role as a fan of the refs in the stands. I was shocked to see how perfectly respectable parents could become vicious critics, turning their frustration with their own children into anger against total strangers. Learning that there was someone sitting next to them who knew the refs often toned down the commentary. Sometimes I even get them yelling “Good call ref!” along with me. I also learned that many spectators really don’t understand the rules of the game, or…

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