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PHOTO GALLERY: Beyond Boxing hosts first-ever fight card in Truro

Fight night draws hundreds of spectators and 26 boxers from clubs around the Maritimes

Hundreds of spectators in Truro enjoyed a thrilling fight card laid on by Beyond Boxing Friday night.

Boxers fought 13 rounds in the ring, topped off by a nail-biting finale that saw Truro fighter Logan Paul suffer a close defeat on a split decision to Josh Rhodenizer from Kentville, at the Best Western Glengarry.

“He was a great fighter, but my style is go forward, break the defences, so I always like to have pressure on my opponent,” said Rhodenizer of his opponent after their Nov. 23 bout in the 190 lbs category. “I would have liked to have thrown more body punches. It wasn’t until towards the second or third round I started throwing [them].”

Both boxers maneuvered with skill, moving their feet to find a better angle before launching a punch, often blocking and shoving each other during their three rounds as the crowd cheered them on.

“I need to get more cardio. I gotta get more running in. He’s a good competitor, for a minute there I thought I had him, to the point where I did so much defence,” said Paul. “But he’s also skilled himself, so I could have underestimated him.”

Ted Ash, head coach of beyond boxing, was pleased to see a good volunteer and audience turnout.

Money raised from the tournament will go towards the club’s operating costs and Beyond Boxing will likely host a second fight card in the spring.

While the club only opened its doors in September, three of its fighters won their bouts on Nov. 23, plus a fourth local boxer from Marmac Athletics.

“For the first time, it felt great. I was a little nervous and once I got in there the nerves went away and I felt really good,” said Beyond Boxing’s Amanda Dowe, who won her bout against Cynthia Denny from Albion Boxing in New Glasgow, in the 150 lbs category.

As and when she fights again, Dowe plans on improving her technique with more straight punches and upper cuts.

For now however, Dowe was humble about her win.

“[The original] fighter backed out at the last minute, so this girl stepped up and it’s been five years since she fought, so it was nice of her to come in and fight me and she’s been out of it for a while, so I’ll take the victory and run with it,” said Dowe.

The full fight card list of winners, in order of appearance, is as follows:

70 lbs fun box: Sadie Leblanc (Albion Boxing) vs. Tessa Scott (Golden Gloves) – both winners

70 lbs: Bohan Pettipas, (Westville Boxing) beat Cameron Comeau (Golden Gloves)

85 lbs exhibition: Carson Sholes (Albion Boxing) vs. Yan Arkenzov (Golden Gloves) – both winners

130 lbs: Holly MacDonald (Tribal Boxing) beat Candace Collicout (DMC Boxing)

110 lbs: Kaleb Gordon (Westville Boxing) beat Liran Langleben (FISTS Boxing)

120 lbs exhibition: Jessica Woodworth (Marmac Athletics) vs. Kristy Roy (DMC Boxing) – both winners

125 lbs: Tre Drummond (Fit Plus) beat Liam Kinch (Westville Boxing)

125 lbs: Destiney Wysote (Beyond Boxing) beat Danielle Fife (Canning Boxing)

110 lbs exhibition: Tivor Stewart (Albion Boxing) vs. Matt Roleau (Citadel Boxing) – both winners

140 lbs: J.T. Thomson (Beyond Boxing) beat Shane Vincent (Fit Plus)

150 lbs: Luke Little (Marmac Athletics) beat Nate Foster (Canning Boxing)

150 lbs: Amanda Dowe (Beyond Boxing) beat Cynthia Denny (Albion Boxing)

190 lbs Main Event: Josh Rhodenizer (Evangeline Trail) beat Logan Paul (Beyond Boxing)

Bout of the Night: Logan Paul vs. Josh Rhodenizer (Main Event bout)

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