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Runner said he suffered cardiac arrest near finish line of Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon

The runner who had a medical emergency near the finish line during Sunday’s Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon said he suffered a cardiac arrest.

Shawn Quigley told CTV Atlantic that he blacked out after he finished the men’s half-marathon and that his heart stopped for 10 minutes.

Two bystanders saw him collapse and immediately started CPR before paramedics arrived.

“(The paramedics) did CPR on me for 10 minutes and shocked me four times,” Quigley said to CTV.

He was later transported by ambulance to hospital where he’s remained since.

Temperatures were warm for the 16th annual running event in Halifax.

Rare for an event that’s been held the past 15 years, for the most part, under cool and dank conditions on the Victoria Day weekend.

And perilous for some runners racing in the heat.

“Being one of the first hot days of the year made it tough,” Cal DeWolfe, the 2019 men’s full marathon champion, said in an interview on Sunday. “All of the water stops made it a bit easier. But it’s tough running.”

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