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Pole dancing a sensual form of womens exercise


TRURO Stephanie MacKenzie clearly remembers the days her husband threatened to take down the mirrors in their home.

He reasoned she was beautiful exactly the way she was. Stephanie, however, didnt quite grasp that concept.

I remember my husband saying, that mirror is coming down because you are always looking at it and getting upset, said Stephanie. Id set my alarm an extra half an hour early to have enough time to change my clothes. Id change 15 times because I was worried about what other people would think of me.

Although Stephanie boasted a healthy weight, her self image was the problem. Not any more. After witnessing pole dancing on the Oprah Winfrey show, she immediately fell in love with the exercise.

I was so bored with aerobics, and I needed something more as a woman. This is sensual, sexy, but not raunchy, she explained of Discover Yourself Pole Dancing, a business in which she is an instructor at and co-owns.

So many women think they have to be size two to be accepted. They dont ... this is full-body fitness that empowers women. I want women to be comfortable with themselves and to look in the mirror and like what they see.

Stephanie said the exercise routine is learned step-by-step and although there are some seductive movements, they are done in taste. New tricks are learned as people progress in their knowledge of the exercise.

You start with yoga and Pilates to stretch your muscles because you are using all your bodys muscles, she said, adding she has taught women ages 14 to 45. Be open minded ... anything negative youve heard, forget it. This is (clean) fitness that builds confidence in women.

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