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TATAMAGOUCHE - For some fishermen trying their luck angling for brown trout in the Waughs River Tuesday morning the only catch of the day was cold.
Getting an early start on opening day of the tidal recreational fishing season, Truro couple Nancy O'Brien and Malcolm McClellan took up their position on the river bank near Lockerby's bridge in temperatures barely above freezing.
"This is the first time we've gone fishing for brown trout," said McClellan. He said that area of the river has a reputation for being one of the best brown trout angling areas around and wanted to try his hand at landing a prize-sized fish.
O'Brien said even though they had been casting bait for about an hour without a nibble on the line they were still having fun.
"You have to have a good patience to be a good fisherman," she said. "It's not just about the fishing, it's good to be back to nature."
Anne Weir and her husband Keith were also among a constant flow of anglers at the mouth of the Waughs River.
She said they love fish and angling is a great way to enjoy being outdoors.
"When you catch it yourself it makes it taste better than store-bought and you know it's really fresh," said Weir.
They really close to nature when a curious muskrat swam beneath their cast fishing lines as they sat in lawn chairs relaxing near the river's edge.
Some fishermen felt the fish weren't eager to bite because the water is still a bit too cold.
Wallace resident Raymond Allan returned a day early from a Cuban vacation so he wouldn't miss opening day.
"We've had a couple bites," he said. "The fish aren't jumping today, that's for sure."
At another tidal river in Tatamagouche, local resident Carman Miller was having much better luck and couldn't have been happier when he reeled in an 18-inch brown trout from the French River about 9 a.m.
"I've seen them bigger than that but it's a good catch," said Miller.
Since April 1, recreational fishermen have been permitted to fish for speckled trout, brown trout, rainbow trout and landlocked salmon in inland waters. The season for both inland and tidal water recreational fishing will remain open until Sept. 30.

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