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Centurions show well in beginners meet

The Truro Centurions had a great day in the pool Saturday at the Wilson Aquatic Center on Saturday as they hosted a regional Novatech Division swim meet.  

Julia Hutt-Semple and Katrina Altenkirk get set on the starting blocks for the 50M back stroke event.

Truro swimmers posted 38 personal best times over 47 swims. Ember Warren and Kiersten McFadden achieved their bronze times and are moving up to the silver level. Ember Warren, Julia Hutt-Semple, Katrina Altenkirk, Rory Munroe and Nathan Pring achieved their silver times and are moving up to the gold level. Brett Deuville is moving out of the Novatech division and up to the age group division after achieving both his silver and gold times on Saturday.  Lainey Bussey and Ember Warren made their Centurion debuts and competed in their first swim meets. In the Novatech division swimmers must achieve their bronze, silver, and gold standard times before moving to the junior age group division competitions.

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