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Local golfer wins car at 13th Colchester Community Workshops Foundation Fall Golf Classic

TRURO – “You’re going to need to get down here right now.”

Freeman Maxwell shows off the keys to his brand new Volkswagen Jetta after draining a hole-in-one on number 11 at Truro Golf Club. Vantage Motors has been sponsoring the hole for the Colchester Community Workshops Foundation for the last 13 years and had yet to give a car away - until "unlucky number 13."

The words sounded serious, but the smile on Diane Standing’s face said otherwise as she let out an excited yelp.

The man on the other end of the line understood immediately, but was still wracked with disbelief.

“No way.”

For 13 years, the Colchester Community Workshop Foundation has held its annual Fall Golf Classic at Truro Golf Club – a major fundraiser for the work they do with special needs residents in the area. For 13 years, Derek Lugar and Vantage Motors have sponsored the event. It’s always been the same hole, same prize, same promotion – a hole-in-one on No. 11 bags you a brand new car.

Just a few minutes past noon on Thursday, Freeman Maxwell became the first golfer to force Lugar to fork over the keys.

As he approached the hole, Maxwell told his fellow golfers how he drained a hole-in-one on the same hole earlier this summer. He chuckled to himself as he set down his Titleist 1, the same ball he used last time, and pulled the same club from his bag.

His tee shot on the par-3 soared high and straight, landing on the green and taking a right turn towards the pin. From his vantage point, Maxwell knew it was close, but couldn’t see where the ball ended up.

As he approached the green, he asked the attendants on the hole where his shot landed.

“The girl from the Rotary House ran over and looked in the hole,” he said. “There was my ball – Titleist 1.”

With the majority of golfers still on the course, word began spreading as more people walked into the clubhouse. Everybody reacted with the same disbelief.

“No way! Freeman? No way, he didn’t,” remarked one man as he walked into the clubhouse and learned the news.

An hour later, Maxwell finished up and walked into the clubhouse to a swarm of congratulations and friendly hecklers.

“Geez, hope I don’t scratch your car, Freeman!”

“Hey big shot, can I sit in it?”

As the last golfers wrapped up, club pro Greg Sutherland brought the car up to the first hole and tucked it out of view behind a hedge. Maxwell led the way as the entire field walked around the corner and caught the first glimpse of the car.

Maxwell smiled and shook his head.

“I’ve won a lot of championships,” said the multiple-time Apex winner. “But this is the biggest prize yet. And for just one shot.”

Maxwell wasn’t the only winner on the day, however, as the tournament raised $29,462 for the Community Workshops group and its 75 clients.

“It’s absolutely huge for us,” Standing said. “It’s a very important day for us, and we managed to surpass our totals from last year with less people. Plus, I never thought I’d see the day where we gave away a car.”

Even as the man on the losing end of a car giveaway, Lugar couldn’t stop smiling.

“If I knew it was the 13th year I would have been a little more careful,” he laughed. “I’m happy somebody won it.”

Despite it being his third hole-in-one on the same hole in 12 months, Maxwell insisted it was “just a lucky shot.”

“I guess it was my day.”

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