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PHOTO GALLERY: Hasselborg wins hard-fought second women's Grand Slam

Swedish squad wrests victory from Ottawa’s Team Rachel Homan - just weeks after their first Grand Slam victory

It was tearful smiles and tight embraces as Team Anna Hasselborg clinched a hard-fought victory in the Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling on Sunday.

The reigning Olympic gold medallists lifted the trophy cup after beating Team Rachel Homan 8-7 in the women’s final at Truro’s Rath Eastlink Community Centre, with one missed shot finally sealing the deal in a neck-and-neck game.

“We just had to be patient against Homan, they’re such a great team and we just wanted to keep our stones in play and we did, then we were fortunate to have a shot for the win,” said skipper Anna Hasselborg after the Oct. 28 game. “I’m so happy.”

The teams forced each other into singles to start in the first two ends and Homan’s team was limited to another lone point in the third. Homan’s side hit and rolled out with their last in the fourth end and Hasselborg capitalized with a tap for two and a 3-2 lead by halftime.

Homan, who has won the Masters women’s title a record three times, reclaimed the lead in the fifth end and victory briefly seemed within reach for her squad as they hit a cluster of three in the four-foot circle and a chance to draw for a fourth point. However, sweepers Lisa Weagle and Joanne Courtney just about fell short.

Hasselborg’s side drew for two in the sixth and Team Rachel Homan scored a deuce of their own to lead 7-5 coming home – setting the stage for a nail-biting final round.

As well as the cup, Team Anna Hasselborg also won a $30,000 cash prize.

This is the second Grand Slam win in less than a month for Anna Hasselborg’s team, after taking several years to earn their first.

“It almost felt as good as winning the Olympics, because winning two Grand Slams is huge for us,” said player Sara McManus in a release later on Sunday. “It was huge winning the last event, so this win is amazing. We did a great job bouncing back from the tiebreakers and just going straight to the final. That was so much fun.”

Off the ice, Team Anna Hasselborg are enjoying what Truro has to offer. Hasselborg herself enjoyed a run through Victoria Park up to the Joseph Howe Waterfall.

“This is one of the favourite places we’ve ever been to in Canada,” said Hasselborg.

The next event of the 2018-19 Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling season is the Tour Challenge, which kicks off on Nov. 6 at the Tournament Centre in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The third of seven events on the Grand Slam calendar, the Tour Challenge will feature 30 elite men’s and women’s teams divided into Tier One and Tier Two competitions.

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