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Beyond Boxing hosts springtime fight night in Truro

Truro fighters distinguish themselves in combat – but lost the main event


TRURO, N.S. – Fists flew once again in Truro Saturday during a nail-biting fight night hosted by Beyond Boxing.

Boxers fought 14 rounds in the ring, the final fight being a hard-fought main event that saw Dartmouth’s Ivan Visalev beat his Truro opponent J.T. Thomson on a unanimous decision by judges.

“I’ve got to hand it to J.T., who’s a really good competitor,” said Visalev. “He brought a hell of a match. He’s only 17 and he’s only got bright things ahead of him.”

The two boxers moved quickly around the ring in a bid to win the upper hand, carefully pondering their next moves before raining down punches.

However, Visalev said there were still areas he needed to improve, despite his victory.

“Move your head move your feet…[try] more combos, change the pace,” said Visalev of his needed improvements.

Thomson felt his fight went well despite losing and looked forward to a future rematch with Visalev.

“When I did chose to throw my combinations, they landed pretty solid and I got some slips and rolls in,” said Thomson. “I think I could move better, throw more punches and keep my punch count up, move my feet more.”

Truro-area athletes won a total of three fights.

The full fight card list of winners, in order of appearance, is as follows:

Fun box: Spencer McGee (Beyond Boxing, 77 lbs) vs. Silas Bellows (Tri Town Boxing, 75 lbs) – both winners

Grady Park (Beyond Boxing, 115 lbs) beat Colby McGee (Evangeline Trail Boxing Club, 105 lbs)

Graidy Cameron (DMC Boxing, 170 lbs) beat Dylan Clapperton (Beyond Boxing, 175 lbs)

Shane Vincent (Fit Plus, 150 lbs) beat Kaleb Jessome (Tri Town Boxing, 145 lbs)

Dylan Gilchrist (Beyond Boxing, 175 lbs) beat Markus Kachafanas (Ring 73, 175 lbs)

Luke Little (Marmac Athletics, 150 lbs) beat Steve McNeil (New Waterford, 154 lbs)

Exhibition: Holly MacDonald (Tribal Boxing, 130 lbs) vs. Destiney Wysote (Beyond Boxing, 125 lbs) – both winners

Exhibition: Matt Rollo (Citadel Boxing) vs. Josh Watson (Beyond Boxing, 125 lbs) – both winners

Exhibition: Eddie James (Tribal Boxing, 117 lbs) vs. Liran Langleben (FISTS, 116 lbs) – both winners

Christine Anderson (DMC Boxing, 140 lbs) beat Amanda Dowe (Beyond Boxing, 140 lbs)

Tivor Stewart (Albion, 106 lbs) beat Yan Arkenzov (FISTS, 104 lbs)

Josh Rhodenizer (Evangeline Trail Boxing Club, 190 lbs) beat Logan Paul (Beyond Boxing, 190 lbs)

Josh Prince (Tri Town Boxing, 170 lbs) beat Aaron Christensen (New Waterford, 159 lbs)

Main Event: Ivan Visalev (Tribal Boxing, 140 lbs) beat J.T. Thomson (Beyond Boxing, 140 lbs)

Bout of the Night: Josh Rhodenizer vs. Logan Paul

Boxer of the Night: Tivor Stewart

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