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Recycled Love: Catios becoming increasingly popular for cat owners

Cathy MacKenzie’s cat Chester is shown relaxing in his Catio. CATHY MACKENZIE PHOTO
Cathy MacKenzie’s cat Chester is shown relaxing in his Catio. CATHY MACKENZIE PHOTO - Contributed

If you adore cats there is a unique event happening soon and I urge you to mark it on your calendar. 
SpayDay HRM & The Tuxedo Party of Canada are presenting their second annual Halifax Catio Tour on Sunday, Sept. 29, from noon to 5 p.m.
You’re probably wondering what a catio is. A catio is an outside patio for your cat. The enclosure that allows your cat to have safe access to the outside world. I am not sure who invented the catio but they are becoming increasingly popular for cat owners. A carpenter can create a custom catio for your home or you can buy a manufactured catio already built.
Leave it up to SpayDay HRM and The Tuxedo Party of Canada to have the combined imaginations to create this one of a kind fundraising event. Anytime either of them are involved in fundraising, they do it right.
The catio tour is a self guided expedition of four private catios in Bedford, Halifax, Hubley and Boutillier’s Point. 
Here is more information directly from the website
– Each catio on the tour has unique features and was designed for a particular lifestyle/situation.  – Start your tour at any location. 
– Human hosts will be onsite to discuss catio features/construction/cost; feline co-hosts may be available, depending on their mood and napping schedule.     
– Registration is $10 per person; children must be 12 years of age or older. Addresses and tour information will be sent once registration is completed. In addition to admission to the 4 catios on the tour, the registration fee includes refreshments at each site and the Halifax Catio Tour Guide, which will be emailed prior to the tour. 
– Registrants are eligible to play Catio Tour Trivia – receive the trivia game sheet at your first catio stop and submit it at your last stop. Correctly completed trivia sheets will be entered in a draw for a prize basket; the winner will be contacted by phone.  
– For additional information contact 
– Raffle tickets, 2020 kitten calendars, and a selection of hand crafted cat toys will be available at each site. All proceeds go to SpayDay HRM to help cats in need. 
I love the idea of catios because they keep your beloved cat safe. My husband and I have never allowed any of our cats to wander outside and likely never will, unless we get a catio. I think people who allow their cats to roam outside do so because of misplaced good intentions. They may believe their cat is bored or may become destructive if solely left inside.  
An outdoor cat has an average life expectancy of two to five years. They are at the mercy of wildlife, disease and vehicles. An indoor cat can live from 15 to 17 years. An indoor cat makes it much easier to identify health issues. 
If you like to give your cat access to the outside world you should consider installing a catio. I would also encourage you to attend the catio tour to support SpayDay HRM and the wonderful work they do each and every day in our communities.
Please be kind to animals.

Tracy Jessiman writes the weekly column Recycled Love and is proud to be a “voice for those with no choice.” Reach her at

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