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LETTER: Animal cruelty must be stopped

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

As long as I can remember (and that’s a long time), I’ve wondered just why some people are so cruel to their pets.

Our God has given us these beautiful cats and dogs to live in our homes where they fill our days with affection and joy. Many of us form enduring memories of our pets and children growing up together, and especially their special companionship as folks age and are often away from their family (if they have one).

These bonds of devotion should be reciprocal, not abused as we so often read of such unnerving incidents. And there seems to be very little or no punishment for such awful acts.

Over the past years, I can recall reported incidents of dogs being so poorly attended that when the SPCA intervened one had to be euthanized. The owners were fined but that in no manner accounts for the misery the doges endured and suffered.

Stories have reported drownings of litters of kittens, leaving a small dog in a car for days to die and in Alberta the story of some 84 horses left to starve to death. Even a magnificent creature as large as a horse is no match for the presumptive control mankind seems to have over God’s Earthly creatures.

In Montreal, there was a report of a dog being buried alive after a beating from its owner. Animal cruelty even extends to the famous Calgary Stampede where these beautiful horses are put in jeopardy by the very nature of how they are expected to perform. Never a year goes by it seems that an injured horse doesn’t need to be euthanized.

These cruel acts to animals should be unheard of as we all know and support the many good people who have formed organizations to rescue unwanted or distressed animals of all species.

Thus, the fact such acts are still being committed prompts one to conclude that cruelty is part of the fabric of our humanity. As such, we must be ever vigilant when we see it directed to our pets, children, the elderly and the marginalized of our so-called society.

May we each be aware of animal cruelty in our community and report it. May you be the first to change a particular outcome for some precious animal.

Rev. Bob Crocker


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