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Making a difference in the community

Something special is happening in the east end of Truro.

Community residents are joining forces to beautify a spot that holds many cherished memories in the hearts of countless people.

The former Alice Street Elementary School closed its doors for good in 2008 and the property has pretty much been left vacant since children and teachers said goodbye to the school they adored.

But, life will soon return to the spot. Community members and town officials have met to discuss options for the Alice Street park project. A meeting was recently held in which about 30 people came together to share their ideas on what would make the site look good, and be functional, as a park that all ages can enjoy.

Benches, proper lighting, a gazebo, quiet space and vegetation were all common ideas that came to the forefront by many people. There were numerous other concepts as well,  such as exercise equipment and water features, to name only a few, that were suggested.

The town will now contemplate those ideas and bring them back to the community for a follow-up meeting, keeping in mind cost restrictions.

The project is one of a few initiatives rejuvenating the area, which has had a history of being labelled a part of town that was dealing with crime, tenant and landlord issues, and the like.

Having residents’ input in what will go in their own neighbourhood has been a blessing to the community as well. It makes people feel involved and valued. And, community input will no doubt enhance the park because it’s going to be born out of love and respect from the very people who will use it the most, while keeping a touch of nostalgia in place.

In addition, having a well-kept place for people of all ages to be proud of creates momentum for the future. It also adds another green space to the town, which many people feel is sorely lacking. All-in-all, the project is a benefit on countless levels.

Another community meeting is expected to take place within a month, before the project goes to Truro town council for budget deliberations and final decision. Town officials indicate the park could be named and functional by the summer or early fall.

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