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RECYCLED LOVE: Pets eat the darndest things

Cute puppy peeking out from under warm blanket. Selective focus
If you suspect your pet may have ingested something harmful, contact your vet. - 123RF Stock Photo

Often, pets will swallow inappropriate items and you should never feel embarrassed. It takes a nanosecond for this to happen and I can tell you that it has happened to my friends and to me many times over the years. Hopefully, when your pet ingests something, they can pass it naturally without a trip to the veterinarian.

I remember changing our cats’ litter box years ago and I saw a piece of pineapple. I could not understand how that happened because I could not remember the last time we had pineapple in any of our meals. I then discovered it was not pineapple. It was an earplug.

I also recall one memorable Christmas Eve when I made a double-sized lasagna because we were having 14 family members for dinner. While I was in the shower, our two Labrador Retrievers decided to eat the whole lasagna. We now refer to that holiday as the “hot dog and grilled cheese sandwich” Christmas.

A dear friend of mine once told me she was walking her young dog and how mortified she was when her neon pink undies started coming out of her dog, in his business.

Most times, when your pet has swallowed something, it will pass naturally. If you feel your pet has ingested something that is dangerous to their health or if they are showing signs they have a blockage, please take them to your veterinarian immediately.

We are fast approaching the first anniversary of the legalization of marijuana in Canada and edibles should be available shortly. If you are bringing edibles into your home, you will have to keep them hidden or locked away from your pets, especially if you have a pet that counter surfs.

Signs your pet has ingested an edible with marijuana may appear anywhere from five minutes to 12 hours afterwards. Symptoms can last 30 minutes to several days. Signs and symptoms may include; difficulty walking, vocalization (whining or crying), vomiting, dilated pupils, loss of balance, lower or higher heart rate, tremors and seizures.

If your pet has eaten edibles or marijuana, please call your veterinarian and bring them to the clinic immediately. Your vet may or may not induce vomiting depending on the amount your pet ate. If your vet does induce vomiting, it has to be controlled and monitored. Your pet may have to stay at the clinic.

Keeping your pet secure requires frequent safety checks around your home. Cats and kittens like to play with small items they find laying around. Most puppies and dogs are lead by their nose.

Walking around your home and checking for potentially hazardous or dangerous items, once or twice a month, can save your pets life. Please make walking through your home to monitor the safety of your pet a routine.

Please be kind to animals.

Tracy Jessiman is a pet portrait artist who lives in Halifax with her husband and their three pets. She is a volunteer with Animal Rescue Coalitions of Nova Scotia. She has been rescuing animals most of her life, but more intimately, animals rescued her.

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