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VIDEO: Welcome to the Truro-area Fear Farm

RiverBreeze Farm’s Halloween horror mazes are back once more, featuring severed heads and chainsaw-wielding zombies leaping out of the corn plants at terrified visitors.

Upper Onslow, N.S.

Zombies, severed heads and ghouls drew in hundreds of visitors from across the province to Truro’s very own Halloween horror show.

The RiverBreeze Fear Farm featured both a Zombie and ‘Bloodfields’ Maze through its corn fields, alongside indoor attractions including an indoor mortuary with mock corpses, a dark farm house and a phobia barn, featuring screaming and loud banging noises reminiscent of a medieval torture chamber.

“There’s all kinds of actors out there, there’s school buses and things like that to walk through, just a whole lot of neat stuff and people with chainsaws having fun with customers,” said farm owner Jim Lorraine. “It’s always a thrill. We have 10 chainsaw actors out there.”

The Fear Farm is open every Friday and Saturday through October and has proved a huge hit since it first opened in 2002 with just a simple corn field.

As well as the chainsaw actors, visitors on the Bloodfields Maze stepped through an abandoned house, populated with the vengeful ghosts of a family, as well as a severed head hanging from the ceiling.

Another building on the same maze featured flashing lights that tormented the eyes – and even made one feel a little dizzy.

Over on the Zombie Maze, there was slightly less blood, but people walking through felt stabs of fear at every corner as zombies, some armed with axes and chainsaws, jumped out from the corn plants or thrashed their hands on the side of a cage.

Screams echoed all over the farm, but only small groups of people were let into the mazes at any one time, to make the experience more intimate for guests.

“I’ve always loved Halloween. I’ve loved anything about haunting, we decided to try it one year, it became popular, so we just kept on going with it,” said Lorraine.

Three visitors who also loved the haunting – as well as completely petrified by it – were three friends who drove for three hours from Shelburne to see the fun.

Lauri Buchanan, Lisa Ross and Madeleine Nickerson all tried their luck on the Bloodfields Maze, clinging to each other as they moved through the haunted house, then screaming in terror as they fled from the chainsaws.

When asked what they enjoyed the most however, all three simply replied, “the chainsaws.”

At that point, the revving of another saw echoed throughout the maze and the trio fled the scene.

The Fear Farm is at 699 Onslow Road. It will be running for the last time on Oct. 26 and 27. The ticket booth is open from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. The Fear Farm will stay open until the last ticket holders go in.

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