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Truro man pleads guilty to multiple theft charges

Truro Court
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A Truro man will be sentenced July 18 after pleading guilty to eight counts of theft from various Truro establishments.

Michael Todd Whitman, 41, of Queen Street, was released from custody shortly after entering the pleas in provincial court Tuesday morning. He was arrested last Thursday less than two hours after being released from custody on a promise to keep the peace and be of good behaviour, relating to previous charges.

When questioned by Judge Al Bégin upon his return to court on Thursday about the terms of his release, a sullen-looking Whitman said he had “totally abided by them.”

“Clearly you lied to me,” Bégin said.

“I really don’t have much memory of that day,” Whitman replied.

As part of his release conditions, Whitman is banned from every Nova Scotia Liquor Commission store, the Atlantic Superstore, every part of the Truro Mall, including the parking lot, as well as several other businesses in downtown Truro.

“OK sir, you are running out of places to shop,” Begin said.

Whitman must also adhere to a curfew and is prohibited from consuming/using alcohol or illicit drugs and from entering establishments where alcohol is a major part of business.

A pre-sentence report has been ordered prior to his next hearing date.

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