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Truro man involved in police standoff remanded into custody

Provincial courthouse, Truro. HARRY SULLIVAN/TRURO NEWS
Provincial courthouse, Truro. FILE PHOTO

A Truro man involved in a police standoff on July 4 has been remanded into custody until at least July 24 when he is next scheduled to appear in provincial court for arraignment and pleas.

Colby Smith, 22, is facing a total of 26 charges, including weapons-related offences, numerous breaches of court recognizances and for escaping custody after fleeing from the courtroom during a bail hearing last Tuesday.

On Friday, Crown attorney Laura Barrett said the July 24 date will not be used as another bail hearing and Smith is to appear via video conferencing.

“The Crown is still absolutely opposed to his release,” she said, in court.

Smith was on the lam for about a half hour after running from the courtroom before being captured on Lavinia  Drive by Truro Police.

He then appeared in court in ankle shackles on Wednesday after their use was approved by a judge. He was not wearing the shackles on Friday but was closely watched in the courtroom by several sheriffs.

Smith was initially arrested on July 4 at a Lavinia Drive residence following a standoff that lasted several hours with Truro Police and the provincial Emergency Response Team.

He was released Monday on a $2,500 surety posted by his girlfriend but was then arrested hours later for allegedly breaching his bail conditions. He then bolted from the courtroom through a fire exit Tuesday morning after his girlfriend appeared in court to be released as his surety.

In addition to his weapon charges and court breaches, Smith is also charged with taking a motor vehicle without consent, damaging a fire extinguisher in the Truro Police cells and with assaulting a woman in Brookfield in November, 2018.

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