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TRUE GRIME: Women make clean getaway – after going to wrong address of Upper Tantallon home they were supposed to clean

RCMP. - -File photo

UPPER TANTALLON, N.S. – Don’t take it as testament that it’s okay to leave your doors unlocked. Rest assured, things don’t usually turn out this way – it's more likely you’ll have your home cleaned out, as opposed to… well… just cleaned.

According to Halifax District RCMP, officers responded to a complaint involving two suspicious women in the vicinity of an Upper Tantallon home, just before 3 p.m. Tuesday. They were contacted by the home owner who was not there at the time.

A concerned neighbour raised the alarm and alerted the home’s owner that two females were seen in the home, armed with a vacuum and a mop. RCMP later learned the residence had been left unlocked, so the neighbour could walk the home owner’s dog. And that’s when the women made their move. They entered and went about their business, before making a clean getaway – apparently not knowing they had the wrong address for the home they had been contracted to clean.

The free house cleaning service aside, RCMP are taking the opportunity to remind home owners to ensure their doors are locked at all times. As well, they commended the neighbour for having been observant and contacting the home owner.

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