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‘Pain stimulation’ used to wake up drunk driver in P.E.I.

Provincial Court of Prince Edward Island
Provincial Court of Prince Edward Island - SaltWire Network

CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. - A 53-year-old Quebec man pleaded guilty to failing a breathalyzer after driving on a walkway and wedging his vehicle between trees and a fence.

Denis Giroux was sentenced Monday to seven days in jail.

When police arrived on the scene on Aug. 4 in Stanhope, Giroux was found passed out at the wheel with his head hanging forward and a pint bottle of booze in his right hand.

Police resorted to “pain stimulation’’ to wake the man up, court heard Monday.

Police needed to carry and drag the inebriated Giroux out of the woods.

He was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital where he did not respond to demands to provide a blood alcohol reading.

Giroux still registered over the legal limit when a reading was finally obtained six hours after he arrived at the hospital.

He told the court all he remembers of the incident is falling off a picnic table and later waking up in hospital.

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