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VIDEO: Public works truck loaded with salt tips in Trenton

This salt truck has tipped in Trenton.
This salt truck has tipped in Trenton. - Contributed

No one was hurt after a Trenton public works salt truck tipped onto its side at the intersection of Main and Hampson street on Friday.

The accident happened at around 9:30. Dennis Balesdent lives in the area and was trying to walk down the icy hill to mail a parcel when he saw the truck coming.

“I was just going to shoot a video telling people I might be late for work,” he said adding that he was having extreme difficulty getting down the hill without sliding. “Then the truck started going sideways.”

The video that Balesdent took shows what happened next as the salt truck slides down the steep hill and onto main street below.

The truck was righted at 10:30 and Trenton public works were on the scene cleaning a giant pile of salt in the middle of the intersection.

The New Glasgow Police Department continue to investigate.

There have been multiple accidents throughout the county this morning related to the icy roads.

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