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Proposed tower raises concern for some New Glasgow residents

Cellular towers stretch into blue sky in this stock image.
Cellular towers stretch into blue sky in this stock image. - Thinkstock image

A proposed telecommunications tower has raised some concerns for some New Glasgow residents.

Eastlink is proposing to build the self support telecommunications tower within the Town of New Glasgow to improve cellular coverage for the area.

The tower would be 60 metres tall and would be located on a piece of land off Matheson Street in New Glasgow. It would be set back approximately 65 metres from the street.

Debbie Reid lives in the area and said she has some concerns about the cell tower including the potential impact it could have on property value as well as fears about health risks.

She said she feels like there needs to be more communication about what’s going on. Eastlink had published an ad in the Feb. 21 edition of The News, but she said many people wouldn't have seen it.

“The residents of the Town of New Glasgow have the right to know what’s going on,” she said.

She believes it’s important for people to have a say.

Eastlink is taking public feedback on the proposal until March 20. Anyone with commets or concerns can contact Logan McDaid, the wireless site planner at 902-818-5971 or by email at Letters can also be sent to 6080 Young Street, 6th Floor, Halifax, N.S., B3K5L2.

“Eastlink works hard to find tower site locations that provide excellent coverage for the community while minimizing any impacts to the communities we serve including minimizing the number of locations required to serve a community,” said spokesperson Jill Laing in response to questions from The News. “Regarding the proposed mobile tower location on Matheson St., we are currently in the public notification phase of the application process, which is designed to capture feedback from the community. We take concerns from the community very seriously and consider all feedback before any decisions are made.”

She said Eastlink is very proud of the mobile service it has introduced in Atlantic Canada over the past few years and have been working hard to expand that service in an effort to bring more choice and competition, and better value to more Nova Scotians.

Pierre Tannous, is another New Glasgow resident who is concerned about the proposal. He said he’s found studies online that indicate potential risks and he believes those should be investigated more before the towers are allowed to be installed.

“My family is more important than my cell phone,” he said.

According to his research, he said when towers go up property value in the area tends to drop.

“They’re such an eyesore,” he said. “Why are they going to put it in the middle of a populated area with children.”

Addressing the health concerns, Laing said the tower falls well within Health Canada safety standards.

“In fact, it falls substantially below the allowable limit,” she said.

As for property values she said the company is not aware of any evidence that mobile towers impact property values.

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